Street Fury


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Cool Fact
Only 5,303 Fury Sport Coupes were produced in 1958, and were only available in one color (Buckskin Beige). Standard equipment included an 8-barrel carburetion system, dual exhausts, heavy-duty "Torsion-Aire" suspension, and a 150 MPH speedometer. Buyers could choose either the 290HP "Dual Fury" 318 or the 305HP "Golden Commando" 350 V8.


I was looking forward to the release of this one, especially after the excellent impressions I got from Road Block and Black Force. I was not disappointed.

Like the rest of the Snapfast Slammer series, this one is a lot better in person than it is on the box art. Not one to leave it alone, though, I decided to convert my Fury Slammer into a more aggressive Street Machine. I started by repainting the entire car, trying out a new technique of color layering. After it was primered, the body received three coats of navy blue, followed immediately by three coats of red (all PlastiKote paints). The result is a deeper red, with realistic seams around the doors, hood, and trunk.

Once painted, the car was re-chromed using Bare Metal Foil for the roof/pillars, side trim, and rockers. The headlights were drilled out and replaced with a set of quad lenses from Monogram's 1959 Chevy Impala kit, and door handles and windshield wipers came from the '59 Cadillac kit from Monogram. I was not happy with the fit of the tail light inserts, so I made my own tail lights by filling in the backs of the fins and painting the concave surface Stop Light Red. For the finishing touch, I raised the stance of the Street Fury back to stock height, and replaced the lowrider wheels with a set of chrome dish caps and rear slicks.


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