LEGO Highway Rig

Original Kit:
Model Team #5580
Made By:
Model Team

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LEGO Highway Rig custom


This was probably the first scale project I really got involved with. It started when I got LEGO's Model Team #5580 Highway Rig for Christmas one year, and I just started adding to it.

The model started with only the basic tractor; after it was built, though, it looked like it was still missing something. The first things I added were the grill guard, mud flaps, and hood deflector. More details were added as time went on, and for a while the truck was even converted into a tow truck! The current mods to the truck include:

  • Aerials
  • Air Conditioner
  • Brake System
  • Engine
    - Detailed Block
    - Detailed Drivetrain
    - Exhaust System
    - Turbocharger
  • Extended Stacks
  • Grab Rails
  • Grill Guard
  • Deflector
  • Interior
    - Instruments
    - Radios
    - Storage Box
    - Living Area
  • Mud Guards
  • Running Lights
  • Side Air Deflectors
  • Striped Spoiler
  • Trailer Hook-up
  • Winch
  • Work Lights

After the tractor was finished, I built a trailer for it, complete with a turbine powered high-performance test vehicle and rolling diagnostics lab/communications center. Then a second trailer was built, with a recovery/repair truck and a sports car chase vehicle. In the end, the original 14" truck grew to a 4' long, 20-pound monster that unfolds into a complete test center for a land-speed record vehicle. I still have this set up as my very first project vehicle.


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