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LaQ Frog
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LaQ ("Lah-Kyuu") had its start in Japan in 1995 with a unique idea: rather than follow the traditional model of blocks that must be stacked, LaQ blocks snap together edge-to-edge. This idea allows for builders to create strong, flexible toys that weigh relatively little and require little (if any) external support regardless of size. Even more impressive, this is done primarily with only seven types of block: a square plate, a triangular plate, and five types of connectors. Some new parts, like wheels and axles, have been introduced more recently, but the concept remains the same. LaQ USA was at Toy Fair 2014 with these sample kits.

This set was made entirely in Japan, as are all LaQ sets, and is packed in a self-stick plastic envelope with a multilingual insert card (very similar to what many Japanese aftermarket model parts use). The instructions include a full-color semi-exploded diagram of the model, a picture of the finished model, and a parts list/description.

Assembly was very simple, with multiple callouts to make sure you get the right part in the right place. If you don't, it's easy enough to disassemble and redo. There is a trick to this, however: assembly is done by simply pushing the pieces together. But disassembly is done by flexing the parts at the joints. If you try to pull them straight apart, you'll find out how the larger models hold togther so well...these little plastic tabs are surprisingly strong. But give them a little flex, and they pop right apart. Total time to assemble was under five minutes.

The finished piece is a great little desk companion. It is made up of only 28 parts, but the bright colors and smooth shape help sell the "frog" idea immediately. The fit and finish are excellent, with no rough edges or problem joints.

Now that I've seen LaQ in person and have gotten a chance to play around with it, I want to check out some of their other sets. The result is not a very intricate model, but it is a lot of fun.


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