Delivery Van 

Delivery Van
Delivery Van box Delivery Van with driver #6624-1 Delivery Van with #6377-1 Delivery Center van Delivery Van door open Delivery Van cargo area Delivery Van rear door


LEGO's Town theme was still gaining traction in the early 1980s, lacking any of the subthemes that would come to define lines like Racing, Rescue, or Flight. Instead, a more general idea of contemporary life was used, featuring vehicles and buildings that were part of everyday life. One of those was the Delivery Van, released in 1983. It contained 34 pieces, one minifigure, and a sticker sheet.

The minifig is a very basic design, having a black Police-style cap, standard yellow smiley head, plain blue torso, and black legs.

The van uses the 4-stud wide design typical for the time, with a short body and a flat nose similar to Volkswagen vans of the era. It's construction is both ridiculously simple and in many ways brilliant, creating a van that is functional and durable enough to play with while keeping the pats count (and by extension, price) very low. The grille is a printed brick, while the arrows on the sides of the van are stickers printed on clear. These feature early versions of the "arrow box" design that would be refined the following year for the Cargo Center, and changed to the "arrow globe" in 1990. Both doors and the rear hatch open, and the cargo area is just big enough to carry most containers up to 3x3x2.

So while there's not much to this little set, it was a neat design that is quick to build and fun to play with. Combined with the Cargo Center or the Delivery Center (which came with a blue & white version of the same van), it makes a great addition to a classic Town setting.


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