Super Stunt Test Facility 

Super Stunt Test Facility
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One of the best things about the classic Hot Wheels cars was their ability to use stunt tracks - from the classic ramp/loop combination to the Sto & Go City, Hot Wheels cars were always meant to race. Mega Bloks has carried that thought into their series as well, with the Super Stunt Test Facility.

The above video shows a few of the set's features: the two striped gates swivel, allowing a car to pass through and trigger the tilting roof. At the other end, a spinning platform is mounted in a frame that can be lined up with the striped gates or hinged out of the way. Finally, the space between the two has a set of ramps that can be arranged as a pair of takeoff/landing ramps or as one extra wide ramp. The goal here is to launch your car from the ramp to have it fly through the cardboard gates at the top center of the set. Extra details like a fuel pump, caution barrels, and overhead lights help add extra details and play value to the set.

The set comes with a Mega Bloks version of arguably the coolest Hot Wheels design to be released in the last few years: Bone Shaker. Designed by Larry Woods for the 2006 Firsst Editions series, Bone Shaker quickly became one of the most popular Hot Wheels cars with over 50 variations since its release. The version included here seems to most closely match the Convention Exclusive variant, which was painted Spectraflame Red with flame tampos on the doors. There are a few differences, with the Mega Bloks version having a closed roof, 5-spoke wheels, two fewer carburetors, and white flames instead of black. But the design is unmistakable thanks to the grinning skull radiator shell, swooping header pipes, and fuel tank in the bed. There are very few "specialized" pieces here, instead relying on clever parts use and some imagination to recreate the look of the truck. This lets you make some custom adjustments, like if you'd prefer to have a more aggressive up-sweep to the header pipes. Bone Shaker can seat one of the two included figures. Each of these is articulated at the neck, shoulders, waist, hips, wrists, and ankles. The "Team Red: Stunt Driver" has a red suit with black & white graphics and a black motocross-style helmet, and the "Team Red: Stunt Expert" has a white suit with red and black markings and a black auto racing-style helmet.

The last piece of the Super Stunt Test Facility is the "Turbo Tire Launcher," essentially one of Mega Bloks' monster truck tires on a stick. I was originally going to write it off as a silly accessory, but was pleaseantly surprised by how well it worked. Like everything else here, it turned out to be a pretty fun addition.

In fact, there was only one problem I had with the whole set, and that was the color callouts used in the instructions. There are three shades of gray used: silver (like what is used on Bone Shaker), swirly gray (like what is used the "brick" columns), and dark gray (like what is used in the "lattice" columns). There are several identical parts that are cast in two or more of these colors, and some minor color shifts in the printing made it tricky to figure out which one needed to be used at certain steps. Using more obvious color differences in the instructions would have helped. Just keep the box close by and refer to the photos if you're not sure.

Overall, this is a very fun set that brings to mind the classic Hot Wheels tracks while including a great modern vehicle and plenty of customization options. Get this and the separate black Bone Shaker to have a matched shootout across the ramps. Highly recommended.


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