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Slotto is a 3D building system similar to Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys, but with a few special characteristics to make it unique. First, Slotto sets are made from flat sheets of ¼" HDF cut to exact dimensions. Second, construction relies on a series of standard slots that allow the pieces to fit together tightly. Finally, Slotto parts are all unpainted, giving them a unique look that combines the natural color and feel of the HDF with the precision of the hard edges.

This 3D puzzle is a sort of a "proof of concept," showing how Slotto works and can be assembled and rearranged without having the variety of parts available in their larger sets. It has six identical pieces and two recommended assemblies. But after just a few minutes of playing with it, a dozen alternate builds appeared.

Building, disassembling, and rearranging these few parts was like doodling in three dimensions. The pieces are very well made, and still look great and fit together nicely even after more than a week of use. I have heard some concern about the edges, but they are no sharper or harder than a standard LEGO brick.

Having seen Slotto's larger sets in person, I can confirm that the craftsmanship that went into this puzzle goes into those sets as well. It's a great way to exercise your hands and mind at the same time, and are suitable for builders from kids to adults.


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