Chevron Cars Leslie LX

Made By:
Packaging (Design):8/10
Packaging (Durability):9/10
Casting (Body):8/10
Casting (Interior):8/10
Casting (Chassis):N/A
Casting (Engine):N/A
Paint (Exterior):N/A
Paint (Interior):N/A
Paint (Trim/Graphics):9/10
Overall Panel Fit:10/10
Total Score:8.7/10

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Chevron Cars Leslie LX
Chevron Cars Leslie LX packaging Chevron Cars Leslie LX alternate expression Chevron Cars Leslie LX interior Chevron Cars Leslie LX sunroof Chevron Cars Leslie LX trunk Chevron Cars Leslie LX rear

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The fifth and sixth waves of Chevron Cars kept to the usual summer/winter release pattern, but for the first time this schedule did not match up characters with their commercial appearances. Despite appearing together in the ad, Kelly Compact was released in November 1998—five months after the release of Leslie LX.



Leslie LX is sitting on a base approximately 7¼" (185mm) x 4½" (115mm), with a printed generic asphalt surface. This base is approximately ¾" (18mm) thick with a dark blue edge. The Chevron logo/name and "Keep your Neighborhood Clean ♻" are printed on both ends, while Leslie's name and the Chevron Cars logo are on the front edge. Behind her is a printed panel with an image of a flossy California mansion with a curved driveway and Spanish tile roof. "Safety tested and recommended for children age 3 and over" is printed near the lower right corner of the panel. The back panel has changed perspective as if you were standing near the front door of the mansion and looking towards the garage with Leslie parked in the open bay door. A sign hanging inside the garage lists this toy's features. The bottom of the package has a photo of Leslie with callouts for her moving eyes, opening doors/trunk, sliding sun roof, and reflective mirrors, along with the typical marketing paragraph: "Who said being rich isn't fun? Not Leslie LX. Leslie LX loves living her leisurely life in the lap of luxury. It's logical. What could be more fun than getting everything you want?." The customer feedback card and "Owner's Manual" are packed inside the blister under Leslie.



Leslie has a light yellow ABS body, with the same smooth and clean work we've come to expect. Reflective silver stickers are used for the mirrors, and a Techron sticker is mounted as the license plate within the trunk recess. The tires are treaded vinyl with Chevron/Techron cast on the sidewalls over silver painted 5-spoke wheels. Her parking lights and middle rear lights are orange, the upper and lower taillights are red, her grille, hood ornament, side trim, and rear trim are silver, and her mouth is painted black with white teeth. Edges are generally sharp, with only a very small rough edge on each back corner where the tops of the taillights roll over to meet the rear fenders. Her eyes are blue with peach eyelids. Leslie's interior is a medium-light brown with detailed front and rear seat belts, a center console with cup holders and an arm rest, and rear speakers on the back dash. The usual black steering wheel has a padded look and is set under a deeply curved dash pad. Inside the trunk is a plain floor and walls, enough to put small accessories (nothing is included with Leslie). The chassis is the usual name and series logo plate.



Leslie has opening doors, an opening trunk, a sliding smoked transparent sun roof, and moving eyes. The hinges all work nicely and the panels snap securely into their "closed" positions. Her sun roof is a very basic slider with no stops at either end, so tipping the car will be enough to open or close it. The eyes are activated by pushing down on her hood and rolling her forward, which makes her roll her eyes counterclockwise.



In her ad, Leslie was only shown from the front. That much looks pretty accurate, with the only real difference being that her sideview mirrors should be black rather than body color. Also, like all post-Wendy cars she lacks the larger eyelashes from the commercial. Otherwise, the grille and hood ornament, overall shape, and pale yellow color all look good. Although her name is a play on "Lexus LX," the original vehicle was a sport utility rather than a sedan. She measures approximately 5¾" (145mm) long, 3" (75mm) wide, and 2½" (65mm) tall.



With a relatively generic design and desaturated color, Leslie tends to disappear amongst the other Cars. There's nothing really bad about her, just nothing really "wow," either. Recommended only for completing the set.


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