Dream Truck

Made By:
The Danbury Mint
Packaging (Design):5/10
Packaging (Durability):10/10
Casting (Body):10/10
Casting (Interior):10/10
Casting (Chassis):10/10
Casting (Engine):10/10
Paint (Exterior):10/10
Paint (Interior):10/10
Paint (Trim/Graphics):10/10
Overall Panel Fit:9/10
Total Score:9.4/10

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Danbury Mint Dream Truck
Danbury Mint Dream Truck rear fender Danbury Mint Dream Truck windshield detail Danbury Mint Dream Truck dashboard Danbury Mint Dream Truck engine Danbury Mint Dream Truck chassis Danbury Mint Dream Truck license plate

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Packaging is Danbury Mint's standard white box, with "Dream Truck" across the top of the box and legal information on the end flap. Inside, the truck is sandwiched between two styrofoam trays that hold it securely in place, with softer foam padding around certain delicate areas. The packaging also includes the certificate of authenticity and other paperwork.



Danbury keeps raising the bar on their 1/24 diecasts, and the Dream Truck continues this philosophy. As usual, the overall bodywork is smooth, the panels fit together beautifully, and the paint is essentially flawless. What really sets this apart is all of the extra detail work they've added, such as the photoetched screens used for the grilles, scoops, vents, and headlight coves. Or the tiny clear lenses used on the parking and rear lights. Or the open slots in the chrome steelies. The original Dream Truck was created as an exercise to see how far customizers could push the limits of their craft, and Danbury seems to have taken that same mindset here. From the flocking used on the tonneau cover to the tools mounted in the doors, it seems like every effort was made to create as nice a replica as possible in a commercially available 1/24 model. The paint follows suit, with truly outstanding pinstriping work over a smooth pearl white.



The doors, hood, and tonneau cover open and close smoothly, the steering and suspension are functional, the spot lights can be repositioned, and there is a hinged toolbox built into the arm rest of both doors. The passenger-side door fits the opening very tightly, but so far does not seem to be causing any chips or scrapes. The close tolerances don't allow much room for error, so be careful opening and closing the doors.



Because the Dream Truck went through so many incarnations, there were a number of variations that Danbury could have chosen here. It does not appear to be a 100% perfect example of any one version of the truck (more like 90 - 95%), but none of the details here did not appear on the truck at some point in its life. The purple & white paint job is considered by many hot rod aficionados to be the ultimate color scheme for the Dream Truck, so it's no surprise that that is what Danbury Mint went with. Scaling appears to be a good 1/24.



The Dream Truck is one of the legends of rodding culture. Unlike many other show rods, it was not created by any one man or for any one event. Instead, it was a creation by several masters of the craft that existed for its own sake. It was a way to show off what could be done to a simple 1950 Chevrolet pickup, and let the whole world into the shop. From the arrival of the small block to the rollover accident and subsequent resurrection, we all got to watch courtesy of Rod & Custom magazine. Danbury Mint has paid a nice tribute to this legend, and it is well worth picking up. Very highly recommended.


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