2005 Corvette Indianapolis Pace Car

Greenlight Collectibles 2005 Corvette Indianapolis Pace Car
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Greenlight's standard window box has a brushed metal design on the front and top of the box around the window. The Greenlight logo appears in the lower left and back right corners, while the Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo appears in the opposite corners. Centered between the GL and IMS logos is the series title, "Pace Car Garage." The scale, material, and appropriate age notices are placed discreetly around the rest of the window border. Each end of the box is black diamondplate pattern with all of the same logos and four bolt heads printed at the four corners. The back of the box has a large photo of three 1:1 pace car replicas at the track, with the Pace Car Garage banner in the top right corner. The bottom of the box has all of the legal notices, logos, etc. printed over more brushed metal. The car itself is screwed down to a plastic base with the Corvette logo printed on a blue field under the car. Two plastic blisters capture & protect the front and rear of the car, and a plastic band holds the doors shut. A plastic blister between the car and the back of the box seems to serve no purpose beyond pushing the tire off the rim; fortunately, the rim is smooth enough that nothing gets damaged and you can easily pull the tire back into position.



Greenlight really goes out of there way to make a good looking car, both in fit and finish. Every panel is sharply cast, and the functional panels fit together almost flawlessly. The five-spoke wheels look great and are accurate to the 1:1's design, though the back axle is a bit too long so one wheel always sticks out a bit. The tires are very well done, but have no sidewall detail. The engine detail looks a bit light, but the bay has a good sense of depth and all of the major components are detailed nicely. The interior is also well done, with separate petals, textured driver's mat, control buttons on the seats, a detailed dashboard, good center console details, and some neat overhead details on the rear view mirror and visors. The instrument cluster is a smooth, blank panel, though my car has a red dot just below what should be the tachometer. Not sure what it is, as it doesn't seem to correspond to anything on the 1:1 car. Chassis detail is pretty decent, with separately cast front & rear suspensions and a separate chrome plated exhaust system ending in silver-painted exhaust tips. The paint job is very well done, with a smooth, glossy red finish accented by silver fields and gray and black stripes. The edges on all of these look great, with no slop or bleed, even in the trouble areas around seams. The logo detail is excellent: crossed flags on the nose, tail, and between the seats, IMS logos on the front fenders and rear fascia, Indy 500 badging on the seats, Indy 500 badging and "Official Pace Car" legends on the doors, a Chevy bow tie near the rear edge of the hood, and the text "An American Revolution" at the top of the windshield along with another bow tie. You can actually read "Indianapolis Motor Speedway" on the IMS logos, "Corvette" on the front brake calipers, and "89th/May 29 2005" on the door badges.



The doors & hood open, and the front wheels can be posed (though they are not tied to the steering wheel). One of the coolest "wow" features is actually behind the wheels: the brake rotors are separate from the calipers, and rotate with the wheels while the calipers stay in place. It's an easy to overlook detail, but lets you know that the designers really went out of their way.



Excellent work overall. The car is captured well, from the overall shape to the small details like the "Corvette" logo debossed in the rear fascia. The graphics are very well done, and seem to match up with the prototype perfectly. Scaling measures out to a near-perfect 1/24 all the way around.



When they first started out, Greenlight used molds from other companies to pad their ranks. Once they made the switch to their own development team, their quality shot up phenomenally and this Corvette is the proof. Great attention to detail, well done paint & graphics, and a great looking piece overall. Highly recommended.


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