Remove Tampos Easily!

Tip for August 2004:
How to Remove Tampos

Die cast vehicles often come from the manufacturer fully decorated. Also referred to as "Tampos," these decorations are not always desirable for either factual or aesthetic reasons. You could always disassemble, strip, and repaint the car, but if you want to keep the base color, try using a little non-acetone nail polish remover. Be sure to use the non-acetone kind, otherwise you will be more likely to damage the underlying paint and any nearby plastic. Dip a clean Q-Tip into the remover, tap out any extra fluid (you want it damp, not soaking wet), and then twist the Q-Tip lightly against the surface of the car. You should see at least part of the decoration disappear almost immediately. Remove any excess nail polish remover with a clean paper towel, and repeat the process until all of the decoration is gone. Let the car air dry overnight, then you can polish the paint to remove any light residue or fade lines.