Don't you think it can take control when I don't let it? I get Super Clean

Tip for May 2006:
Paint Stripper

Paint problems are standard fare in the world of modeling, from the newbie right through to the seasoned builder. Sometimes the problem can't be fixed, and the model needs to be stripped back to bare plastic to start over again. That's where this stuff comes in. Known by the abbreviation "CSC" (for it's original moniker of "Castrol Super Clean"), and available today as either "Super Clean" or "Purple Power," it is an engine degreaser available in most auto stores and/or deparments. Simply fill a plastic container with the thin purple liquid, and drop in your bad paint job. The CSC will break up the paint, leaving a clean surface so you can start again. Two words of caution, though: first, it *will* eat skin, so wear gloves. Second, be sure to rinse the stripped parts very thoroughly in cold water - any CSC left on the body will ruin your next paint job.