JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin

JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin
JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin face detail JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin back detail

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Similar to Gourai and her WeGo, this wasn't a true 1/24 scale kit. But it was such a unique design, I saw all sorts of options beyond the typical "giant mech." It actually reminded me of something Boston Dynamics would make, albeit much more heavily armored. So I'm considering it either a proof of concept or (better yet) a personnel-sized version of the tank Nacchin.

The kit was very simple - 16 parts on three sprue trees and a cardboard insert that had both the optional eye panels and an exploded diagram for the instructions. It's molded in green, so paint isn't strictly required, but does look better with a little extra color thrown in the mix. I painted it with a base of Model Master 1911 Olive Drab, then added the details with Apple Barrel acrylic paints and a light weathering with Tamiya's effects. The "tail" was painted bright orange with a silver tip and dark gray boot to suggest an extension cord, good for recharging the unit while off duty. I chose the standard blue eyes and carefully cut them out of the insert, gluing them into place with Aleene's Tacky Glue. The few remaining markings were a combination of Archer dry transfers and Gundam decals.

It's far from the most complex kit I've dealt with, but is a neat little design that was fun to put together. After working with this I will definitely check out more of Cavico Models' kits.


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