The Bourne Identity Mini

Matt Damon's Rover Mini from the movie The Bourne Identity
Bourne Identity Mini right front fender detail Bourne Identity Mini left front fender detail Bourne Identity Mini fuel fill Bourne Identity Mini interior Bourne Identity Mini back seat Bourne Identity Mini rear

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As it turned out, Fujimi's "Old Mini Cooper" (12219) was a better starting point for the Bourne Mini than I expected. They've made several variations of this kit over the years, each one with a different set of optional parts. This version had the correct lights, mirrors, wheels, and exhaust pipe - it even had an extra set of wipers for a left-hand drive conversion. All these extras definitely made it a lot easier to modify the stock car into the one from the movie.

Not to say that there wasn't quite a bit of work needed to match the prototype. My starting point for the conversion was the front right fender: I carved out the plastic to match the dents on the movie car, drilled out the marker light mount, and removed the fender flare. I also distressed the bumpers and grille, and removed the original wiper mounts. The front and rear guards were made by straightening paper clips and re-bending them to the correct shapes (I had first tried using various craft wire, but everything I tried was either too soft or the wrong diameter). Once all of my modifications were done, the body was painted with Plastikote red and distressed with paint, chalk, and strategic sanding to let base colors bleed through. The front fender was then painted and distressed separately. After everything had a chance to dry, I made the sunroof using gaffer's tape cut to the correct shape and laid over bows made from plastic strips.

The chassis was built box stock using the appropriate options to match the Bourne car. The interior was modified by moving the steering wheel and pedals to the left, and building a new dashboard to match what was shown on screen. To finish the "lived in" look, the back seat area and dashboard were filled with clothes, bags, and other odds and ends.


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