Megafault Dodge Ram

Original Kit:
Dodge Ram 2500 V10
Made By:
AMT/Ertl (kit #31906)
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Eriq LaSalle's Dodge Ram pickup from Megafault
Megafault Dodge Ram door detail Megafault Dodge Ram horns Megafault Dodge Ram rear

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AMT's Snapfast kit (essentially an unassembled promo) is pretty basic, but makes a decent looking replica without too much effort. It did require a few details, such as a drilled exhaust tip and the addition of a radio antenna, sideview mirrors (taken from AMT's Chevy 454 SS kit), and gear selector, but otherwise the base truck is straight out of the box. The front bumper was made to match the movie truck by drilling out the bumper inserts, and removing the backing plate so they appeared open. The three-part bug deflector was made by modifying the nose trim from a mid-1980s MPC Corvette kit I had. Finally, the roof-mounted horns were scratchbuilt from sheet styrene.

The body is painted Tamiya Pure White and Model Master Guards Red, with pinstriping by Detail Master and custom door graphics and license plates. I wanted to add a little more realism to the one-piece grille/headlight unit, so the lights were coated with Testor's window maker, and the grille was given a black wash and then scraped to reveal the gray plastic mesh. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, and will have to remember it for future builds. The trim was all done in flat black, and then everything was weathered. I wasn't quite as heavy-handed as the guys who made the movie, opting for a more natural splatter pattern (the truck in the movie looked like it had been deliberately muddied to hide the license plates and the Dodge trim).


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