Never Too Young to Die Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette used in the movie Never Too Young to Die
Never Too Young to Die Corvette interior Never Too Young to Die Corvette rear

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This one started in the correct blue over blue, so inside I only had to paint the seat backs, dash, center console, and door panels to the correct black. I also added a car phone from a spare Ecto-1A and used a set of sun visors from my parts box.

I was hoping to preserve the factory-applied paint, but the seams were particularly bad on this one and so I needed to sand down to the raw plastic to get rid of them. Fortunately, Model Master's Ice Blue was a near-perfect match to the original Light blue metallic (it was so good, I was able to use it for touch-ups and blend it into the original 30-year-old color!). The rest of the modifications were my usual C4 upgrades: remove the roof panel, replace the parking lights with a CD case edge, and swap the wheels for a set from Monogram's Corvette kit. This one also got a rear-mounted antenna for the car phone, and a set of screen-accurate license plates.


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