The Jetsons Spaceship

Classic Spaceship from the cartoon The Jetsons
The Jetsons Spaceship interior The Jetsons Spaceship AC-712 license plate

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Cool Fact
The third episode of The Jetsons - "The Space Car" - included a scene with an "antique car" that still had traditional wheels.


As with my previous Polar Lights kits, this was pretty good out of the box but needed a few changes to make it what I really wanted. The biggest alteration was the back seat, which was molded with a depression in the middle for Astro to sit in. I filled this in using epoxy putty with grooves cut in it to match the existing seat pattern. I also removed the mounting pegs from both seats and sprayed them with Make It Suede to give them a little texture. I also replaced the steering yoke with a scratchbuilt item, opened up the exhaust thrusters, and lowered the rudder to better match the animation model.

Beyond these small changes, the kit was built box stock. To recreate the animated look, I painted the bottom of the hull and inside of the rudder Testors' Gloss Green, and the rest of the body Model Master Sublime Green. The seats are Krylon Old Equipment Yellow, and the dashboard and yoke are Plasti-Kote Blue Lagoon.


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