Scion xB

Made By:
Packaging (Design):7/10
Packaging (Durability):7/10
Casting (Body):8/10
Casting (Interior):8/10
Casting (Chassis):5/10
Casting (Engine):N/A
Paint (Exterior):8/10
Paint (Interior):9/10
Paint (Trim/Graphics):8/10
Overall Panel Fit:8/10
Total Score:7.6/10

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Maisto Scion xB
Maisto Scion xB Packaging Maisto Scion xB Wheel Maisto Scion xB Interior Maisto Scion xB Tailgate Open Maisto Scion xB Chassis Maisto Scion xB Rear

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Maisto's "Special Edition" packaging is a relatively small window box with a blue & silver theme. The right 3/4 of the box, including the front, top, back, and end flap, show a stylized car done in a blue & black duotone, while the rest of the box is done in a "raw metal" look. The Maisto logo is in the bottom right corner of the front and both end flaps, and in the top left corner of the back. The Special Edition logo is in the bottom right corner of the front panel, top right of the top panel, bottom right of the rear panel, and centered on both end flaps. The rest of the box is covered with warnings and features, with all of the licensing information on the bottom panel. The scale, make, and model are printed on a sticker that is applied to the front of the box. The car is held to a cardboard tray by two screws, with plastic bands holding the hood & doors closed. The tray continues the exterior color themes, but reverses their locations.



Overall, Maisto did a great job on the xB. The overall casting is nice & clean, with crisp edges and smooth panels (a detail that's especially important in a design like the xB's). The only visible parting lines are at the bumper corners, with all other remnants of the casting process carefully worked into the body lines - and even these are low enough on the body that they don't stand out too badly. The panel gaps are a bit wide at the leading edges of the front doors, but are consistent top to bottom and disappear somewhat thanks to the color. The xB is painted well, with a nice even finish devoid of buildup, runs, or light spots (including inside the door jambs). It looks like a spot or two of dust made its way onto the car during painting, but nothing that detracts from the overall appearance. The trim is all painted very well, with clean, sharp edges around the window trim, wipers, and marker lights. The taillights are also painted on, though not quite as well as the marker lights. Clear plastic is used for the headlights and window glass, and black plastic is used for the grilles and mirror housings. Both sideview mirrors have bright reflective surfaces centered nicely in the housings. Inside, everything is cast in black plastic with painted details on the dashboard. Chassis detail is limited and engine detail is nonexistent (this is a curbside), but it rides nicely on four factory-accurate wheels. Scion logos are printed on the main grille, tailgate, and all four wheels, and the xB logo is printed on the tailgate. The grille emblem is a bit off-center, but the rest of the trim all looks good. A pair of California license plates finishes the look.



The tailgate and doors open, the front wheels steer. The hinges for the tailgate are definitely heavy, but options for an opening hatchback are very limited so Maisto gets a bit of a pass here.



For the most part, this looks pretty accurate to the 1:1 xB. The biggest thing that jumps out as "wrong" is how deeply the windows are set into the body. It breaks up the smooth finish of the 1:1 xB, but is a fairly standard issue for scale models unless the designer specifically adjusts for it. Maisto didn't, and the overall appearance suffers a bit for it. Otherwise, things look pretty decent. The overall shape is definitely there, as are all of the minor details that show up as you examine the car. Scale-wise, it's a perfect 1/24 save for the wheels: they're a hair over the stock 15" diameter, more like 16" - 17" diameter. The xB also rides a bit high as it is. Dropping it a scale 3" would put it to the perfect stock ride height.



This is a typical Maisto offering: it's a nice replica of a unique subject, but it doesn't exactly use any revolutionary new casting or painting techniques. A solid "B" effort overall, with a price below pretty much every other 1/24 diecast manufacturer today to make it a bit more attractive. If you're a fan of the xB, I recommend you pick up one of these.


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