Christine (1958 Plymouth Fury)

Danbury Mint Christine
Danbury Mint Christine Rear Fin & Fuel Door Danbury Mint Christine Grille Emblem Danbury Mint Christine Dashboard Danbury Mint Christine Engine Danbury Mint Christine Chassis Danbury Mint Christine Trunk




Though accessories are generally slim on diecast cars, the Danbury Mint makes up for it in working features. The doors, hood, trunk, and fuel door all open and close smoothly, with miniature latches to hold the doors in place. Inside, both halves of the front seat can fold forward and are made from realistic vinyl. The car also has functional steering and suspension, and in the trunk you will find a removable jack and spare tire.



This is where the Danbury Mint really shines. The overall shape of the car is unmistakable, and is expertly recreated here. The aforementioned trim is all accurately recreated, including the noticeable lack of "Fury" scripts (the movie used both Furies and Belvederes, so to make things easier they simply removed all of the model-specific trim). anything that could be a separate piece has been: the wipers, cowl vent, trim, mirrors, and lights are all detailed beautifully. I wish they had done something to hide the mounting pins on the headlight lenses a little better, but it's not a huge problem. The license plate is a little odd as well: it is the correct style and number, but has 1958 validation tags instead of the '79 tags it should have had. Under the hood is Chrisitne's famous mill, complete with all the appropriate hoses, belts, and wires and topped with a pair of chrome air cleaners. You'll even find detailed horns and the under-hood padding. The interior looks just as nice, with a fully detailed dashboard, flocked carpeting, courtesy light, door sills, and separate gas and brake pedals. The paint is flawless, with no slop or bleed anywhere. The trunk is fairly plain, but accurate, with the appropriate darker red used for the padding inside the trunk lid and a fully detailed jack and spare tire. There's not much to see under the car, unfortunately: it's solid black with the exception of the engine and exhaust pipes. The detailed suspension components and cool little reverse light wire are somewhat at odds with the big copyright stamp on the fuel tank and exposed screw heads...should we be looking at the chassis detail or not? Not that you can really study the underside while Christine is on the shelf, but it's still an odd mix down there. Finally, the dimensions of Christine scale out to a perfect 1/24 - a property that's frequently off in diecast replicas.



Christine isn't cheap, and the price will certainly put a lot of people off. The Danbury Mint works hard to make collectors feel like they get their money's worth, though, and replicas like this prove them right. The fit, finish, and attention to detail are outstanding, and I would happily recommend Christine for fans of the movie, the book, or collectors in general.


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