Flatbed Truck 

Flatbed Truck
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From LEGO.com:

The car has broken down and the businesswoman can't get to work. Call in the LEGO® City mechanic in his Flatbed Truck to fix it! If he can't get it going, load it onto the truck with the cool winch function. Hop in the cab and deliver the broken down car to the nearest repair shop! Save the day with the Flatbed Truck! Includes 2 minifigures: a mechanic and a businesswoman with assorted accessories.

The first minifig is the truck driver. He has a black cap with curved bill, yellow head with open-mouth smile/angular beard/bushy eyebrows, blue torso with printed City jacket with orange stripes, pockets & pen over white sweater, and blue legs. The second minifig is the businesswoman. She has dark orange mid-length with a part over the right shoulder, yellow head with peach lips/open-mouth smile/black eyebrows, dark bluish gray torso with printed 2-button suit jacket/pink shirt/magenta scarf, dark tan legs, and a black briefcase accessory.

The truck is an orange aero nose design, done in the standard 6-stud wide design (with the fender flares, bed, and other details pushing it out to 8 studs wide). Its chassis is a combination of black and shades of gray, with a curved front bumper. The large pendulum mirrors are black. Both doors open, and the interior has an offset seat and a coffee mug on the right side of the dashboard. The sides of the bed are a combination of orange and red/.white hazard stripes, while the deck and rack are light gray. Blue warning lights are set across the full width of the rack. The entire assembly tilts near the rear axle, dropping the trailing edge all the way to the ground. From there, a string with a single hook can be extended from the winch at the front of the bed and hooked to any vehicle (those without someplace to hook to can simply have one of the studs on the side of the hook plugged into a socket on their chassis). The string can then be retracted using the black gear on the left side of the rack. A single wrench is included in the set, and can be stored on the right side of the rack. Stickers are used for the license plates, hood, and nose.

The car is a sports roadster that uses the modern automobile chassis. Its design is very similar to the cars in #60060-1 Auto Transporter, though this has higher, more rounded rear fenders and a grille across the top between them (possibly suggesting a mid-engine design?). The inside is basic but has enough room for its driver and her briefcase. Stickers are used for the license plates.

The last element of the set is a traffic signal on a section of curb. This is a very basic build—fewer than 10 pieces total—and feels very much like and afterthought to get the parts count up (the box lists it at 212 pieces).

Tow trucks are always cool, though sometimes they suffer if they are bundled with a car. This doesn't seem to be case here: the truck is a good modern design with some cool features, and the car is even better than what we saw in the Auto Transporter. I really like the maroon and gray two-tone, and the hinted mid-engine layout suggests a more performance-oriented car that one could really have fun with. I'd rather have seen more tools in place of the signal, but otherwise this is a great set.


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