Blackhawk PD Chrysler Concorde "Road Rage" Cruiser

Fictional Blackhawk, New York Chrysler Concorde police car
Chrysler badge Blackhawk Police door insignia Original Scale Auto Enthusiast concept sketch

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I got the idea from an issue of Scale Auto Enthusiast, in which the artist created the above drawing of the AMT Slammer "in uniform". I liked the concept a lot, but was hesitant looking at the photos on the box for Street Heat. This was the first Slammer I got, and from the box art it did not look like the car fit together all that well, and detail looked pretty flat. As soon as I opened it, though, I realized both of those impressions were wrong. Detail on the kit is actually very well done; the grill and doorhandles are very clean, and the chassis shows a surprising amount of detail for a snap-together kit.

I started by removing the ground effects from the sides and rear bumper, and filling in the slots on the trunk lid where the spoiler was supposed to be. The lowrider wheels were replaced by more conventional street tires on a set of wheels from AMT's 1940 Ford kit. Also added were pushbars, spotlights, and side view mirrors. There is no lightbar on the roof as this car is representing a "road rage" highway patrol car for the fictitious city of Blackhawk, New York ("road rage", a.k.a. "slick top", cruisers are used for in-traffic highway patrol and have no roof-mounted light bar, but retain all other markings and equipment of a regular cruiser). The door emblems are custom made using Photoshop, and printed onto label stock. The nose and trunk emblems came from Lindberg's Chrysler Atlantic kit, and the grill, head lights, and door handles were detailed with bare metal foil.


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