2001 Holiday Auction: Monte Carlo SS

Original Kit:
1986 Monte Carlo SS
Made By:


One of the most requested models I hear about is the mid/late-eighties Monte Carlo SS. Since it really is the last of the V8 muscle cars, it's easy to understand why (I had one myself, and would love to get another someday). So for my second annual holiday auction, I offered a model personalized to match the buyer's 1:1 Monte Carlo SS. Like the previous year, all proceeds from this auction went to local charities.

To make the car as personalized as possible, only the engine and chassis were completed before the auction began. The interior and body were prepped, but final painting/detailing was not done until after the close of the auction. The winning bidder had their choice of nearly every interior, exterior, and trim option GM offered on their Monte Carlos from '85 to '88 (I had to rule out T-tops and '84 specific details because of the short time frame I was working in).

In the end, the car ended up as a white '87 with a gray interior: PlastiKote white was applied and then hand polished to match the full-size car's paint job as closely as possible. The engine/chassis was built as a stock 305 V8 with 4bbl carburetor, automatic transmission, and stock exhaust system/drivetrain. The rear suspension was detailed with metal coil springs, and the exhaust system had hollow tips and was finished in a metallized silver. To finish the model, a custom sticker and license plate set was created and applied to the car.


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