Collier & Co.: Hot Pursuit Traveller

John Schneider's 1969 Dodge Charger Traveller from the movie Collier & Co: Hot Pursuit
Traveller 427 Hemi V8 Traveller dashboard with automatic gear shift Traveller interior with Dodge buddy seat Traveller front suspension and engine bottom Traveller rear suspension and dual exhausts Traveller QWKRNUR California license plate

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Traveller was built much the same way as my General Lee: I started with Revell's '69 Charger, sanded off the vinyl top, and swapped the Mopar Mags for a set of Vector wheels from AMT's Eckler Corvette. Traveller also got a few other modifications: the 440 and manual transmission were replaced with a Hemi and automatic (made by combining parts of Lindberg's Dodge 330 and AMT's '69 Roadrunner), the "buddy seat" was made by modifying a parts box seat, and the new steering column and roll bar were scratch built.

The color is Chrysler Industrial Red, which looked like a near-perfect match for the red-orange shown in the movie. To be fully screen-accurate, I should've painted the undercarriage black like I did on the General. But since Traveller was practically a show car (once the "camouflage" was removed), I thought the fully-painted unibody was appropriate. A set of custom license plates and K&N and SE graphics from Reproalabels finished the look.


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