Transformers Cybertron Cannonball
Cybertron Cannonball side detail Cybertron Cannonball roof detail

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Cannonball is the first Decepticon to join my 1/24 scale ranks. Then again, he's more of a freelancer than a true Decepticon...but there was no way I could pass on doing a replica of this space pirate. Especially considering how perfectly Jada's Magnum works as a base.

The basic car was essentially untouched - even the wheels were a good representation of what Cannonball rides on, and were left alone. I also thought the "Dub City" decals were appropriate here. My upgrading started with adding Bare Metal Foil to the lower bumpers, fender flares, and rockers. I considered painting them silver as on the toy, but I thought chrome was more appropriate for the character. I then added Cannonball's unique graphics to the sides and top of the car by hand. I considered making decals, but I thought that doing them by hand would be more fun. Plus, the more organic looks seemed appropriate for these particular graphics. Overall, he was a fun project that gave me a chance to do something a little different.


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