Kamen Rider Cyclone

Kamen Rider Cyclone
Kamen Rider Cyclone nose detail Kamen Rider Cyclone top detail Kamen Rider Cyclone rear detail

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This is the third bike that I've found in the 1:24 Kamen Rider series, and is, sadly, also the weakest of the trio. The overall fit & finish are up to the standards of the other two, but the insides of the rockets are hollow, and the forward cowling likes to slide off at the slightest provocation (handy for assembling the brake/clutch/throttle lines, less so for trying to get it to stay together for photos). Neither fault is really major, but they make this one fall short of the others. I added a dot of glue to try to help set the cowl once the lines were in place. I also did the usual paint detailing on the pedals & exhausts, and added a speedometer face.


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