Transformers Generation 1 Cliffjumper
G1 Cliffjumper rear

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I always liked Cliffjumper's design, moreso than his fraternal twin Bumblebee. Then again, I'm also one of the few people I know that genuinely like Bumblejumper's design...something about the squared-off designs look better to me, I guess. I came across the perfect donor car for Cliffjumper quite accidentally. Until I had seen Bburago's 924 Turbo, I had planned on using a stock 924 kit. Then I found this, and thought the wider fenders looked perfect for emulating CJ's superdeformed car mode.

The only real problem with using this particular model was that it had a hood scoop instead of the familiar quasi-triangular opening. Some Dremel work, some sheet styrene, and plenty of filler corrected this issue, and from then on it was all paint and detail work. The gloss red body was accented with black rocker panels (the robot mode's arms), scratchbuilt door handles, and a custom license plate made to look like a reproportioned version of the sticker from the back of Cliffjumper's head.


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