2000 Holiday Auction: Black Force Batmobile

Original Kit:
Snapfast Slammers "Black Force"
Made By:


During the week of December 9, 2000, this model kit was put up for sale on eBay as my first ever holiday auction.

Like my own 1940 Phantom Batmobile, the model started as an AMT Snapfast Slammer "Black Force". Not simply a buildup of the kit with the addition of a bat fin, this model was modified even beyond what I built earlier. The body was first sanded to remove all mold lines and body stripes, and the large vertical fin and bat mask grill were added and sculpted into the body of the car. It was then painted PlastiKote Gloss Black and hand polished. It was not clear coated, as I wanted this to look appropriate to the vintage (basecoat/clearcoat was not available in 1940). To finish the car, chrome trim was added to the beltline and windshields using metal foil, and more age-appropriate tires and wheels replaced the low profile wheels from the kit.


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