Bedazzled Lamborghini Diablo

Elizabeth Hurley's Lamborghini Diablo from the movie Bedazzled
Bedazzled Lamborghini front Bedazzled Diablo BAD 1 California license plate

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Cool Fact
Despite the obvious connection between the car and the character represented in Bedazzled, Lamborghini actually named the Diablo after a ferocious bull raised by the Duke of Veragua in the 19th century.


Though the actual car is pretty much stock, I tried some new ideas on this model. The first and biggest change I made was to seal the doors shut, and fill in the incorrect seam between the side mirrors and A pillars; that alone improved the look of the model tremendously. I also changed the side marker lights and added the third brake light to simulate the features of the newer Diablo. Finally, I removed the oversized license plate bracket, and cleaned up all of the mold lines, ejection marks, and body imperfections.

Once the body was prepped, the rest of the car was pretty simple. The chassis and interior are straight from the box, with movie-accurate wheels coming from a Tamiya Lamborghini kit. The doors received new window glass, and the rest of the car was detailed with the appropriate decals and Bare Metal foil for the mirrors. As a finishing touch, the "BAD 1" license plate was custom made and printed onto gloss stock.


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