Deadpool Taco Truck

Jada Toys 2017 Deadpool Taco Truck
Jada Toys 2017 Deadpool Taco Truck Jada Toys 2017 Deadpool Taco Truck Jada Toys 2017 Deadpool Taco Truck Jada Toys 2017 Deadpool Taco Truck Jada Toys 2017 Deadpool Taco Truck Jada Toys 2017 Deadpool Taco Truck

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"No real inside joke. Deadpool just likes tacos."
- /u/castlite



The taco truck is in Jada's usual panoramic window box, with a large plastic window that folds around the top and both end flaps. It's a bit larger than others thanks to the size of the truck, measuring 12" (30cm) x 7" (18cm) x 5" (13cm). The Jada Metals logo, "Deadpool Taco Truck," and Deadpool comic title logo are printed across the bottom of the front panel under the window, and the top corners have the Marvel logo, figure and age notices, a callout for the opening roof panels, and a comic-style portrait of DP. Each end flap has the Marvel and Deadpool comic title above and below the window, respectively. The top has the Metals logo centered with the Marvel logo off in the right corner. The back repeats all of the logos along with a large product photo, another callout to the roof panels, and the legal information in seven languages (plus icons). The inner tray is orange tinted with DP in myriad poses amongst scatterings of his logo and "Blam" sound effects. The truck is held in place via two screws into its base and a plastic tie from the left mirror to the back of the tray. A combination of stickers, rubber bands, and plastic strips hold the truck's doors in position, and while tedious to remove none of them leave any marks on the paint. The figure is captured in a plastic tray held to the tray near the truck's rear bumper.



While a step van seems like an easy enough subject - make a box with a tapered side and add wheels - there are a lot of places for it to go wrong. Fortunately Jada brought their A game, and the truck looks great. The sides and roof are nice and smooth, with no rippling and a good tight fit between panels. The main body and doors are metal, while the roof and all accessories are plastic. The lower sides of the truck are chrome plated plastic, with a perfect texture to mimic the quilted stainless steel used on real food trucks. The left panel also includes a silver painted louvered vent at the very rear. Chrome plastic is also used for the bumpers, headlight buckets, mirrors, and wheels. Tires are soft vinyl. The headlights and windshield/forward side windows are clear plastic, the turn signals are amber transparent plastic, and the skylights are blue transparent plastic. Most of the casting on these accessories is very good, even tricky bits like the mirror glass, but my copy has a flaw on the front bumper under the right headlight.

Minor as that flaw is, it's completely forgotten in the face of the awesome paint work Jada did here. The base white is bright and glossy on the body, with more of a semigloss finish on the roof. This is likely caused by the different materials, but it transitions so perfectly that it looks intentional. Black is used for the headlight surrounds, grille openings, and windshield wipers.The flames and lettering are perfectly registered, as are the clearance lights around the roof. The taillights are quite as perfectly centered within their bezels, but none made it so far out as to be on the panel.The text over the front wheels is done in solid black, and reads "Deadpool/Casa Deadpool/621311-F84/City of Industry, CA." The menu board is a combination of green, red, and black text, reading "Tacos el Guero/Mexican Food/Menu/Tacos/Burritos/Chimichangas/Asada-Beef/Al Pastor-Pork/Pollo-Chicken/Sodas-Horchata-Water-Agua." "Tacos el Guero" is repeated over the rear doors, near the top of the flap that covers the service window, and across the left side of the truck near the roof. "Deadpool," written in the same shadowed red style, is written under the windshield and above the service window. The DP logo is printed near the top rear corner of both side panels and centered on the back doors.The red and orange flames don't quite wrap around the bottom of the side panels, but still looks so good I'm giving the "trim/graphics" full marks here.

The chassis is nicely detailed with crossmembers, suspension and drivetrain components, the bottom of an engine and transmission, and even brake chambers on the rear axle. The exhaust pipe and muffler are chrome, a bit silly for a work truck but perfectly suited for this particular one.

The driver's are is pretty basic but correct for this type of vehicle, with a single seat, simple dashboard, engine cover, and steering wheel. Pedals are molded into the floor, and a radio is molded just left of center on the top of the dash. Everything here is black plastic, except for the sticker used for the gauge cluster.

The back of the truck is where things really shine, literally and figuratively. There's a refrigerator, stove/oven combination, grill, food trays, garbage can, exhaust hood, and both prep and service counters. The fridge is silver, the hood is black, and the prep counters are red; otherwise everything is bright chrome. Detailing is excellent, with dials, stove burners, and vanes on the hood all cast sharply. There are even little notches in the panels under the prep counters, indicating pull-out drawers. Really just excellent work across the board here.



Both front doors slide back into the body, and when open leave just enough exposed to see the molded-in door handles. The skylight are hinged at the front, with the forward one opening about 45° and the rear one able to open a little further. The service window panel hinges up into a roof, and holds its position nicely. The rear doors are both hinged, with the right door overlapping the left door when closed. These hinges could have been a little stiffer, as the doors tend to fall open at the slightest provocation. Finally, a 3" (7.5cm) figure of Deadpool is included. He is almost entirely a solid metal piece, with only his head and swords cast as separate (plastic) pieces. The casting is good, albeit a little pinheaded, and there's quite a bit of ghosting between the colors. His belt buckle is a printed item and is spot-on. I also appreciate the "look at this guy" pose, which fits the character well while being very stable.



This most closely resembles a Chevrolet Step Van/GMC Value Van, though it is clearly "inspired by" rather than an exact replica. Assuming that inspiration, though, makes this a pretty decent 1/24 scale version of the 125-inch wheelbase truck. The general shape is good, and many of the details like the clearance lights, door style, and interior are all pretty faithfully captured here.



This is just a fun diecast. It looks good, it feels solid, the parts all work well, and any minor flaws are completely overwhelmed by the positives Jada has brought. Very highly recommended.


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